Our Motivation and Mission

We do it all this in obedience to and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Core Strategy

We aim to creatively extend the Kingdom of God in fruitful and productive ways.

Rescue Teams

Teams are trained and equipped specifically for the work of reaching areas where trafficking takes place. They bring awareness and education that can help bring an end to the deception of this evil trade. Then they determine the most effective ways to bring opportunity especially for the women and girls, thereby raising the status of women in the village and lessening the risk of their being sold for short-term gain. And they always leave the Good News.

Where We Serve

We want to find the places where the worlds’s greatest injustices occur and work to bring relief and hope to those living under oppression by communicating Good News ~ especially to the potential victims of sex trafficking.

How We Serve

We are committed to finding the most effective research-based strategies that create the greatest long-term impact for the Kingdom of our Lord.

Goals That Transform

We will use all our activities to accomplish goals that transform lives and communities. The two step process we’ve implemented creates multiple platforms of ministry in hard-to-reach areas.